Our Origin Story

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From interior design, boat dealerships, and cruise ship electronics – Father-son duo, and Double O’s Co-Founders, Kurt and Colby O’Brien, have dabbled in multiple industries over the years. Despite the various undertakings, none managed to maintain their interest. When the two came across an article discussing the drive-thru coffee industry, that all changed; a spark had been lit.

Introduced to coffee at a young age by his grandfather, Colby quickly developed a fondness for the rich, bittersweet flavor. That appetite for coffee now left him positive that the path to his future was paved with coffee beans.

Like any new venture, there were concerns, but Colby felt strongly about the coffee industry. The unique culture and business model of drive-thru coffee shops were too intriguing to ignore. Coupled with their shared passion for giving back to the community, the two men began to hatch a master plan. Double O’s Coffee was born.

Quality coffee, delivered quickly and consistently, isn’t their only focus – the Double O’s founders want to lift those who work for them. With a vision that exceeds the four walls of their stores, they want to provide a solid foundation for people looking to grow. Whether it’s a first job or looking to keep busy later in life, Double O’s continues to strive for the success of its employees, offering opportunities to gain new skills and acquire knowledge. Their mission is to empower and drive opportunities building employees’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Built on core values of innovation, honor, trust, and passion, Double O’s strives to build up not only their employees but to create a lasting impact on the surrounding community. These pillars allow them to continue to provide customers with quality products and care to help bring joy and happiness into their day. For Kurt and Colby O’Brien, connecting with the public and establishing genuine connections is as important as delivering delicious coffee.

“Together, let’s build a community where success is not just an aspiration, but a tangible reality.”

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