Where Does Our Coffee Come From? A Great Partnership.

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Two years before the first Double O’s coffee order, we were busy looking to place an order of our own; to provide quality coffee to our customers, we needed to partner with a roaster that embodied our core values. As a fledgling coffee shop, choosing the right supplier was critical. Quality coffee is the core of our business, and our goal was to form a dependable partnership with someone who would help us deliver a top-tier coffee-drinking experience to all customers.

After several visits to their roasting facility, speaking with their roasters, and engaging with their team firsthand, we knew we had found the perfect partner in Joffrey’s. With 100+ carefully curated coffee varieties, each cup made with one of their roasts is more than a drink – it’s an experience. A well-established leader in the coffee industry with years of expertise, their diverse array of high-quality roasts was just what we were looking for. 

In their continued pursuit of the perfect cup – they have spent the last 30 years forging relationships with producers and coffee farmers worldwide. These long-standing relationships are how they source the highest quality coffee beans from ethical and responsibly farmed regions where the environment is respected and workers are fairly compensated.

Joffrey’s assistance has been invaluable, from helping us find the right roasts for our wide variety of creative drinks to fine-tuning our machines enabling us to embody the full essence of their Italian Roast. With one sip of our coffee, you’ll find yourself instantly transported to an Italian Café, with coffee so rich in flavor, you wont even want to add sugar. Backed by their quality product and skilled employees, Double O’s has been able to take flight. 

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