Building a Sustainable Future, One Straw at a Time

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As a coffee company, we understand that it is our responsibility to promote environmental awareness and practices. In an effort to reduce our plastic footprint we have decided to use Holy City Straws, a straw made simply from the stem of a reed plant. These straws are plastic-free, biodegradable, USDA BioPreferred 100% biobased, certified compostable by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, PFAS chemical-free, and allergen-free. Plus, they look cool! In addition, our shapers only provide straws to customers upon request whenever possible. These choices will greatly reduce the amount of single-use plastic straws ending up in the environment or landfills.

While we are excited about these important steps, we know that our sustainability initiatives can’t end there. Here are our goals for the future as we continue to grow as a business:

  • Allow reusable cups for drive-thru and walk-up window orders for a discount
  • Compost our coffee grounds
  • Use sustainable packaging for food purchases
  • Offer more vegan food options
  • Switch to ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Install LED lighting

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